Technology Translation

Have you ever thought about all the capabilities you have when translating? It is not about just translating words, but giving them life and purpose. Communications are voices, sounds, movements, noises, songs! 

In fewer words, communication is life. 

Extend the impact of your ideas and dreams, touch the soul of new communities with your message. 

  • Games translation/localization: Are you a game developer? That’s great! we are gamers. In fact, let me give you a little advice. Games can blow your life if you use the right language, it is crucial.

Give a boost to your game by translating it. Your game will get an extra impact on any culture or country, your fans will love it. 

  • Software translation/localization: Do you have the BSE (Best Software Ever) and you know it will change other countries? TC is the option you are looking for. Translate your software to the right people, and get a better response from the target market you wish. 

Idioms and slangs are not a barrier for TC, and users will feel like home when using it.

  • Subtitles and Dubbing: Subtitling a movie seems like an easy task, you just need to write, right? The fact is that you have to know several expressions in order to be understood clearly. 

Add subtitles to your TED Talk and get closer to your Hispanic niche, or dub your tutorial to explain more about your new product. Just consult with the professionals to get perfect results. 

  • Locution: Podcasts are doing great these days, they are very popular and every day more people are joining them. Why not share it with more people? 

Translate your podcast, radio shows; or better, get a motivated and charismatic announcer for your ad campaigns. Impact your audience by talking their language, and transform your brand into one of them.

Do you like how this sounds? Expand your target location and grow your tribe.